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20th European Annual Conference on

Advance and Energy Materials

Theme: Exploring innovations in the field of Materials Technology and Energy Science

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Osaka, Japan

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Advanced Materials 2019

About us

Euroscicon invites the participants from all over the globe to take part in this annual flagship conference with the theme "Exploring innovations in the field of Materials Technology and Energy Science”.  The thought behind Advanced Materials 2019 is to share the new ideas among the professionals, industrialists and students from research areas of Materials Science, Nanotechnology, Chemistry and Physics to share their research experiences and interactive discussions and technical sessions at the event. This event would be the perfect platform for companies and institutions to present their services, products, innovations and research results.

Advanced Materials is a challenging field to study and acquire knowledge about Energy materials. It has provoked and contributed to the emergence of various materials like nanomaterials, biomaterials, electronic, optical, magnetic materials, fuelll cells, polymers, Solar Energy materialssmart materials, semiconductor materials and design of complicated structures through the innovation of technology by the advancements in the study of Advanced materials.


Osaka is a doled out city in the Kansai area of Japan. It is the capital city of Osaka Prefecture and the greatest piece of the Keihanshin Metropolitan Area, the second greatest metropolitan zone in Japan and among the greatest on the planet with in excess of 19 million tenants. Masterminded at the mouth of the Yodo River on Osaka Bay, Osaka is the second greatest city in Japan by daytime masses after Tokyo's 23 wards and the third greatest city by night people after Tokyo's 23 wards and Yokohama, filling in as a critical money related focus point for the country. Historically a merchant city, Osaka has moreover been known as the "nation's kitchen". It is arranged in the damp subtropical air zone, with four unquestionable seasons. Its winters are generally delicate, with January being the coldest month having a typical high of 9.3 °C. Osaka experiences a second stormy period in September and early October, when tropical atmosphere systems, including sea tempests, starting from the south or southwest are possible. Osaka is served by two air terminals outside of the city, Kansai International Airport which handles fundamentally worldwide voyager flights and Osaka International Airport which handles for the most part nearby organizations and some all inclusive cargo flights. Dotonbori is Osaka's basic vacationer and nightlife district. Namba and Shinsaibashi district are Located alongside one another in Minami, offering shopping, diners, bars and move club running all the live long day.

EuroSciCon 20th European Annual Conference on Advance and Energy Materials which is going to be the biggest conference dedicated to Materials  providing a premier technical forum for reporting and learning about the latest research and development along with discussing new applications and technologies. This event includes the presentation of the latest technologies from all over the globe and professional networking with industries, leading working groups and panels.

Meet the Objective Business sector with individuals from and around the globe concentrated on finding out about Energy Sciences and Advanced Materials, this is the best chance to achieve the biggest collection of members from all over the World. This conference will leads you to get disperse data, meet with current, make a sprinkle with another product offering and get name acknowledgment at this occasion. Widely acclaimed speakers, the latest methodsstrategies, and the most up to date overhauls in Materials science and Engineering are signs of this meeting.

Who can attend??

Advanced Materials 2019 brings together the specialists from all the aspects to meet and discuss the future of Advanced Materials and Importance of Energy Material and engineering in today’s world. The conference will bring together  Directors, Energy scientists, Director of Laboratories, Universities, Industries, Professors, Delegates,  Research specialists, Post-Doctoral Fellows, Research and  Students, Research companies, Market Research and Consulting Firms and all the interested participants willing to enhance and update the knowledge on Advanced and Energy Materials.

Conference Topics:

About Subject:

Advanced Materials is a field of technology that encompasses the spectrum of materials types and how to use them in manufacturing. Materials span the range: metals, Energy, polymers (plastics), semiconductors, and combinations of materials called composites. We live in a world that is both dependent upon and limited by materials. Everything we see and use is made of materials: cars, airplanes, computers, refrigerators, microwave ovens, TVs, dishes, athletic equipment of all types, and even biomedical devices such as replacement joints and limbs. All of these require materials specifically tailored for their application. Specific properties are required that result from carefully selecting the materials and from controlling the manufacturing processes used to convert the basic materials into the final engineered product.

Advanced Materials has always been with us from the ancient times and has always been the backbone of human’s evolution and development. Materials scientists lay stress on understanding how the history of a material influences its structure, and thus its properties and performance. All this factors have paved way for the improvement of the quality of human life to a great extent.Advanced and Energy Materials gives you the in-depth analysis of materials research and new definition to your imaginations. Advanced Materials 2019 gives you the base to build your own castle of knowledge and makes you completely ready and prepares you for the challenges in Energy science Industry.

Sessions & Tracks

Advanced energy materials: It is a companion evaluated logical diary covering vitality related research, including photo-voltaic, batteries, super-capacitors, energy components, hydrogen advancements, thermo-electrics, photo-catalysis, sun oriented power innovations, attractive refrigeration, and piezoelectric materials. It distributes welcomed surveys and advance reports, full papers, and quick correspondences.

  • Organic and inorganic photo-voltaics
  • Batteries and super-capacitors
  • Piezo-electronics
  • Magnetocalarics
  • hydrogen generation and storage
  • thermo-electrics
  • water splitting and photo-catalysis
  • solar fuels and thermosolar power

Fuel Cells:  A power device is an electrochemical cell that changes over the compound vitality from a fuel into power through an electrochemical response of hydrogen fuel with oxygen or another oxidizing operator. Power modules are not quite the same as batteries in requiring a consistent wellspring of fuel and oxygen (generally from air) to support the compound response, while in a battery the substance vitality originates from synthetic concoctions effectively present in the battery. Energy components can deliver power ceaselessly for whatever length of time that fuel and oxygen are provided.

  • Proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFCs)
  • Phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC)
  • Solid acid fuel cell (SAFC)
  • Alkaline fuel cell (AFC)
  • High-temperature fuel cells
  • Electric storage fuel cell 

Modelling and simulation in Energy materials: The journal covers properties, structure, and direct of all classes of materials at scales from the atomic to the normally obvious. This consolidates electronic structure/properties of materials managed by stomach muscle initio and moreover semi-correct strategies, atomic level properties of materials, microstructural level marvels, continuum-level exhibiting identifying with material lead, and showing conduct in advantage. Mechanical, microstructural, electronic, mixture, natural, and optical properties of materials are moreover of interest. 

Thin Films and Surface Science: Surface-science ask about is essential to appreciation the electronic, compound and mechanical properties of materials. Materials surfaces can be effectively changed by thin film declaration, plasma surface polymerization and compound covering. The depiction of surface structures incorporates x-shaft photoelectron spectroscopy(XPS), Fourier-change infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), Raman scattering, x-pillar reflectivity, Ellipsometry and assistant  molecule mass spectroscopy (SIMS). 

Concentrating Solar Power Materials and Systems: Concentrated sun arranged power (similarly called centering sun fueled power, concentrated sun controlled warm, and CSP) structures make sun based power by using mirrors or central focuses to think a generous zone of sunshine, or daylight based warm imperativeness, onto a little region. Power is made when the concentrated light is changed over to warm, which drives a glow engine (conventionally a steam turbine) related with an electrical power generator or forces a thermochemical reaction

Sustainable Energy Materials Conversion: Relentlessly developing human populace and the developing global economy have prompted expanding vitality utilization and the realization that non-renewable energy sources are a limited asset on earth. More-finished, because of the rising worldwide temperature, there is a need to reduce CO2 emanations to moderate or avoid assist global warming. The two needs have filled global endeavours to convert the ebb and flow vitality supply procedure into an economy which should in the end be founded on sustainable power source sources such as sunlight based, wind, biomass, geothermal, and water power. Hence, these variables have driven the heightened and regularly developing enthusiasm for the fields of vitality collecting and capacity seen amid the previous two decades.

  • Batteries
  • Supercapacitors
  • Fuel cells
  • Hydrogen storage
  • Photovoltaics and solar cells

3D Microstructural Characterization of Materials: The idea of microstructure is recognizable in macrostructural includes in typical items. Electrifies steel, for example, the packaging of a light post or street divider, displays a non-consistently hued interwoven of interlocking polygons of various shades of dark or silver. Every polygon is a solitary gem of zinc sticking to the surface of the steel underneath. Zinc and lead are two regular metals which frame substantial gems (grains) noticeable to the stripped eye. The molecules in each grain are sorted out into one of seven 3d stacking plans or precious stone cross sections (cubic, tetrahedral, hexagonal, monoclinic, triclinic, rhombohedral and orthorhombic). The bearing of arrangement of the frameworks contrast between adjoining gems, prompting fluctuation in the reflectivity of each displayed face of the interlocked grains on the stirred surface.

Advanced Graphene Materials:   Graphene is a solitary nuclear layer of graphite, a bottomless mineral that is an allotrope of carbon that is comprised of firmly fortified carbon iotas composed into a hexagonal cross section. What makes graphene so unique is its sp2 hybridization and thin nuclear thickness. These properties are what empower graphene to break such huge numbers of records as far as quality, power, and warmth conduction. This book accumulates profitable data about many propelled uses of graphene.

Hydrogen Energy:   Hydrogen is the most bottomless. Hydrogen gas has noteworthy qualities including vapid, dull and undetectable that make it fervently sought after. It can likewise be changed into an inexhaustible, nonpolluting and zero emanation vitality asset. It's viewed as the foundation of the new vitality economy.

  • hydrogen production
  • hydrogen embrittlement

Crystalline Porous Materials: Crystalline permeable materials is the drifting examination zone in the field of proton directing materials that incorporates Coordination polymers (CPs), polyoxometalates (POMs), covalent natural systems (COFs) and metal– natural structures (MOFs). Among those are two noteworthy advancing and creating groups of crystalline permeable materials, Covalent-natural systems (COFs) and Metal– natural structures (MOFs). These materials are sorted by their outrageous porosity, brilliant auxiliary thickness and adaptable utilitarian legitimacy at sub-atomic level which discover its application in batteries, supercapacitors and electrochemical vitality stockpiling gadgets. The crystalinity of materials offers soundness for the electrochemical treatment and porosity (high surface zone) helps in dissemination of electrolytes and versatility of particles.

  • polyoxometalates
  • proton conductors
  • zeolites
  • porous materials
  • Coordinating polymers
  • Polyoxometalates
  • Lithium and Li-sulfur batteries
  • Energy device applications
  • Capacitors

Catalysis and Energy Materials:   Catalysis is one of the center advancements in present day science and vitality industry, and more than 60% of the concoction amalgamation process includes reactant material and procedures. Synergist material is a substance that can change and enhance response energy or selectivity. The advancement of synergist material is a ground-breaking force for misusing new vitality, treating and controlling contamination, and blending fine synthetic substances and prescriptions. In situ perceptions of and look into on the system of responses among reactants and impetuses at the sub-atomic or nuclear level are the basic start of the improvement of another age of profoundly viable, vitality sparing, and earth neighborly synergist materials.

  • Physical Chemistry of the Reaction Catalyzed by Metal or Noble Metal Alternatives
  • Basic Research on Carbon and Nano Carbon
  • Exploitation of Industrial Applications of Carbon and Nano Carbon Catalysts
  • Fundamental Research on Shaping and Batch Production of Carbon and Nano Carbon Catalysts
  • Microscopic and In Situ Characterization of Nano Catalysts
  • Novel Energy Storage Material

Polymer Energy Materials:    Polymeric materials are crucial for the future electronic gadgets and adaptable electronic applications. The exploration in light of the electronic, basic and concoction properties of polymeric materials are broadly utilized in the uses of microelectronics and minimal effort sun oriented materials. Their applications incorporate lithium-particle polymer battery (LiPo), electro dynamic polymers, polymeric surface, Crystallization of polymers, cationic and plasma polymerization, polymer brush and so on... Lately, self-mending materials industrialized for vitality collecting and capacity are all polymer‐based materials. Those self-mending Energy Harvesting Devices incorporate nanogenerators, Photovoltaics, sun based cells, supercapacitors and lithium batteries. As of late lightweight composite material is found for vitality stockpiling in adaptable hardware, electric vehicles and aviation applications.

  • Polymer materials
  • Polymer capacitors
  • Polymer hybrid materials
  • Polymers for energy storage & energy harvesting
  • Polymer catalysts
  • Gel polymer electrolytes
  • Self-healing polymers
  • Self-healing insulators
  • Polymer electronics
  • Polymer electrolyte fuel cells
  • Nanocomposite polymer electrolytes

Advanced NanomaterialsNanotechnology is seen as just an approach to make more grounded and lighter tennis rackets, play clubs, hockey sticks, dashing bicycles, and other athletic gear. Be that as it may, nanotechnology guarantees to do as such considerably more. A more reasonable view is that it will leave for all intents and purposes no part of life immaculate and is required to be in broad use by 2020. Mass applications are probably going to have incredible effect especially in industry, drug, new registering frameworks, and supportability. Here are some basic patterns to search for, some interconnected, and all normal to keep on quickening.

  • Stronger Materials/Higher Strength Composites
  • Scalability of Production
  • More Commercialization
  • Sustainability
  • Nanomedicine

BioMaterials for Energy Production:   With expanding vitality request, world's vitality supply is probably going to drop soon because of the declining non-renewable energy source feed stocks thus science and innovation need to discover elective assets for the creation of energizes. Right now, biomass and sustenance squander is considered as the sustainable feedstock for the generation of synthetic concoctions and powers in Europe. These sustainable materials are used for the creation of biopolymers, bioplastics and bioethanol. Biomolecules, for example, peptides and proteins are under research to make new Nanomaterials to improve the proficiency of photovoltaic, for example, sun based cells and other electronic gadgets. Bioproteins power can likewise be outfit for non-natural materials applications. Biomaterials have likewise been utilized as anode materials in battery-powered lithium batteries. The nanostructure of these materials enhances their electrochemical action, along these lines improve the battery execution.

  • Biobatteries
  • Bio- electrode materials
  • Bio-inspired materials
  • Biopolymers
  • Bioplastics
  • Nanomaterials
  • Bio-proteins
  • Hybrid cathode materials

Emerging Technologies for Energy Applications:   The expanding power utilization in creating districts improves the power framework and concern with respect to the utilization of sustainable power supplies. The administrations worldwide are progressively putting resources into sustainable power sources, for example, sun oriented and wind. The real players in the power gadgets advertise are Texas Instruments in US, On Semiconductor in US, Infineon Technologies in Germany, ST Microelectronics in Switzerland, NXP Semiconductors in Netherland, Vishay Inter-innovation in US, Maxim Integrated Products in US and so forth., The real zones for developing advances are Storage, Smart matrix and Electricity age. Rising Energy stockpiling incorporates novel, practical methods for putting away vitality as enhanced batteries, power modules, hydrogen vitality stockpiling and transport. Brilliant network innovations empower productive age and utilization of vitality. Rising Electricity age is described by the innovation to create control from unused assets.

  • Photovoltaics and solar energy materials
  • Electrochemical energy storage
  • Hydrogen energy storage & transport
  • Lithium-air batteries
  • Microbial fuel cells
  • Betavoltaics
  • Tidal power
  • Solar Glass
  • Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV)
  • Biodegradable Batteries
  • Materials for hydrogen production
  • Energy materials storage and  fuel Cells
  • Advances on biofuels
  • Renewable resources
  • Materials and Technologies for Energy Conversion
  • Hybrid materials for energy storage and conversion
  • Advanced polymer photochemistry

Energy Harvesting MaterialsThe exploration of vitality gathering materials is encountering extraordinary development and drawing in tremendous intrigue. Abusing as of late procured bits of knowledge into the crucial instruments and standards of photosynthesis, it is currently conceivable to fashion totally new and unmistakable sub-atomic materials and devise counterfeit photosystems and applications for remote from regular sun powered cell innovation. In this far reaching treatment of vitality reaping, a group of universally acclaimed researchers at the front line of the subject paint a state of the craftsmanship picture of present day vitality collecting materials science. Covering all parts of the subject, going from regular plant and bacterial photosystems, through their naturally motivated manufactured analogs, to other photoactive sub-atomic materials, for example, dendrimers, the book additionally sets up the hypothesis and hidden standards over the full scope of light collecting frameworks.

  • Piezoelectric materials
  • Thermoelectric materials
  • Pyroelectric materials

Batteries and Energy StorageThe infiltration  of sustainable sources (especially twist control) in to the power framework organize has been expanding in the ongoing years. Accordingly, there have been not kidding worries over solid and acceptable activity of the power frameworks. One of the arrangements being proposed to enhance the unwavering quality and execution of these frameworks is to coordinate vitality stockpiling gadgets into the power framework organize. Further, in the present deregulated markets these capacity gadgets could likewise be utilized to build the overall revenues of wind cultivate proprietors and even give arbitrage. This paper talks about the present status of battery vitality stockpiling innovation and techniques for evaluating their monetary feasibility and effect on power framework task. Further, an exchange on the job of battery stockpiling frameworks of electric cross breed vehicles in power framework stockpiling advancements had been made.

  • Solid State Batteries
  • Flow Batteries
  • Flywheels
  • Thermal
  • Pumped Hydro-Power

Nuclear Materials and Energy:   Atomic vitality originates from part iotas in a reactor to warm water into steam, turn a turbine and produce power. Ninety-eight atomic reactors in 30 states produce almost 20 percent of the country's power, all without carbon emanations since reactors utilize uranium, not petroleum products. These plants are dependably on: all around worked to dodge intrusions and worked to withstand extraordinary climate, supporting the framework day in and day out. The advantages of atomic vitality stretch out a long ways past suns carbon power as well. Atomic forces space investigation, disinfects medicinal gear, gives consumable water through desalination, supplies  radioisotopes for malignancy treatment and substantially more. The progression ascend in petroleum derivative costs has set off a restoration of enthusiasm for atomic vitality. This center investigates where we remain with atomic innovation, and what materials look into is expected to acknowledge cutting edge atomic reactors.

  • Nuclear Waste
  • Dramatic accidents
  • Cost
  • Sustainable Capabilities
  • Independent Capabilities
  • Ecological Capabilities

Geothermal EnergyGeothermal vitality is sustainable, clean power got from the warm vitality in underground earth. The world's warm vitality is made by the rot of radioactive components in the earth alongside the warmth from the sun and that staying from the world's creation. Not at all like sun powered power or wind control, geothermal vitality isn't hindered by respite times. The innovation likewise has a little carbon impression being developed. The warmth from geothermal vitality can be (and is) utilized either specifically to warm homes and organizations or utilized related to geothermal warmth pumps. In a more smoking condition, or at a more blazing season, water circled through a geothermal circle conveys warm underneath the world's surface, where it is consumed into the ground; the cooled water is conveyed back up to manage the higher surrounding temperature. Geothermal warmth pumps are one of the ecologically inviting strategies used to cool green server farms.

Electrochemical energy conversion:   Electrochemical gadgets, for example, power modules, electrolysers and batteries demonstrate incredible guarantee for huge scale vitality change and capacity applications. Put away electrochemical vitality can possibly cross over any barrier between power free market activity that emerges with discontinuous sustainable power source age innovations, for example, sun powered and wind control.

  • Alkali Metal Thermo-Electrochemical Energy Converters (AMTEC)
  • Partial Oxidation, Hydrogenation, Dehydrogenation Reactors
  • Conversion of CO2 to fuels with renewable energy

Automotive Technologies and Fuel EconomyOne of the main approaches to diminish transport-related vitality utilize is to decrease fuel-utilization rates of engine vehicles (normally estimated in liters of fuel per 100 km). Since 2004, China has executed arrangements to enhance vehicle advancements and lower the fuel-utilization rates of individual vehicles. Approach assessment requires exact and satisfactory data on vehicle fuel-utilization rates. Be that as it may, such data, particularly for Chinese vehicles under true working conditions, is once in a while accessible from authority sources in China. For every vehicle compose we first survey the vehicle advances and mileage strategies at present set up in China and their effects. We at that point infer genuine world (or on-street) fuel-utilization rates based on data gathered from different sources.

  • Battery Systems
  • Downsizing and Turbocharging
  • Advanced Combustion Modes

Systems Dynamics & Sustainable Energy:  Unmistakably sustainable power source assumes an essential job in accomplishing a decrease of ozone harming substance discharges. Specifically, we will give careful consideration to the impact of a decrease of the offer of fossil vitality, and of a change in the proficiency of the fossil vitality utilize. A framework elements display in view of a relationship is created, which is a variety of the Kaya character, and on a GDP that relies upon sustainable power source, which presents a criticism system in the model. The principle end is that it is conceivable to control the CO2 discharges even under a situation of ceaseless increment of the GDP, in the event that it is joined with an expansion of the utilization of sustainable power source, with a change of the beneficial sectoral structure and with the utilization of a more productive petroleum product innovation.

  • Hybrid Solar Thermoelectric and Photovoltaic Energy Conversion
  • Hydrodynamics of Wave-Power Extraction
  • Low-Lift-Optimized Plant, Advanced Transport, and Predictive Controls for Efficient Cooling
  • Renewable Energy and Fuels from Waste.

Smart Power Grids:  The present power organize, outlined by age-old criteria, is appropriate for a unidirectional stream of vitality: from concentrated power generators, to aloof utilization. The dissemination of circulated age sources, regularly from profoundly factor sustainable sources, requires an extreme change in the administration of the power appropriation organize, which needs to end up progressively keen and versatile.

Fossil EnergyFossil vitality sources, including oil, coal and petroleum gas, are non-sustainable assets that shaped when ancient plants and creatures kicked the bucket and were continuously covered by layers of shake. More than a great many years, distinctive sorts of non-renewable energy sources shaped - relying upon what blend of natural issue was available, to what extent it was covered and what temperature and weight conditions existed as time passed. Petroleum derivative ventures penetrate or dig for these vitality sources, consume them to create power, or refine them for use as fuel for warming or transportation. In the course of recent years, about three-fourths of human-caused discharges originated from the copying of non-renewable energy sources.

  • Creating hydrocarbons
  • New Zealand’s sedimentary basins
  • Finding oil, gas and coal
  • Producing hydrocarbons

Solidification of Energy Materials:   During the time spent stage change, fluid stage is utilized as two different ways of warmth trade: unadulterated warmth conduction and common convection, and we abuse CFD programming to complete numerical reproduction. To think about and break down under soften and hardening, the extent of strong and fluid, the season of stage change, the interface of stage change and movement temperature picture of fluid locale. To test into the impact of characteristic convection under the warmth exchange from stage change and the effect of control of by warming and cooling conditions, and it checked by trials.

  • Structure and properties of liquid and amorphous state
  • Time-resolved high-energy X-ray diffraction
  • Formation of stable and metastable phases in undercooled liquids
  • Metallic biomaterials
  • Deformable soft-magnetic bulk glassy alloys
  • Solid-state synthesized metastable materials
  • Modelling and simulation of atomic structure in disordered materials

Market Report

SUMMARY:  Advanced Materials 2019 gives stage to overall Researchers, Scientists, Professors, Engineers, and CEO's of Energy Materials and Materials Science organizations to share their exploration experience and enjoy intelligent dialogs on all parts of Energy Materials, Solar Energy, Hydrogen Energy, Carbon Materials, Batteries and power modules. Go along with us for two serious and intriguing long stretches of exchange on contemporary Energy Materials look into.

The market is required to achieve 8,230.0 kilotons by 2019. Two distinct kinds of cutting edge practical composites are canvassed in this report. These are metal lattice composites and fiber fortified plastics. Progressed practical composite materials can be isolated into three classifications dependent on the fortifying instrument. These classifications are scattering fortified, molecule strengthened, and fiber strengthened. Asia-Pacific with a CAGR of 9.2% is the quickest developing business sector for cutting edge practical composites. Significant utilizations of cutting edge useful composites incorporate car, marine, vitality, aviation, channels and tanks, electrical and gadgets, and buyer durables.

WHY OSAKA:  Osaka is a doled out city in the Kansai area of Japan. It is the capital city of Osaka Prefecture and the greatest piece of the Keihanshin Metropolitan Area, the second greatest metropolitan zone in Japan and among the greatest on the planet with in excess of 19 million tenants. Masterminded at the mouth of the Yodo River on Osaka Bay, Osaka is the second greatest city in Japan by daytime masses after Tokyo's 23 wards and the third greatest city by night people after Tokyo's 23 wards and Yokohama, filling in as a critical money related focus point for the country. Historically a merchant city, Osaka has moreover been known as the "nation's kitchen". It is arranged in the damp subtropical air zone, with four unquestionable seasons. Its winters are generally delicate, with January being the coldest month having a typical high of 9.3 °C. Osaka experiences a second stormy period in September and early October, when tropical atmosphere systems, including sea tempests, starting from the south or southwest are possible. Osaka is served by two air terminals outside of the city, Kansai International Airport which handles fundamentally worldwide voyager flights and Osaka International Airport which handles for the most part nearby organizations and some all-inclusive cargo flights. Dōtonbori is Osaka's basic vacationer and nightlife district. Namba and Shinsaibashi district are Located alongside one another in Minami, offering shopping, diners, bars and move club running all the live long day.

IMPORTANCE AND SCOPE:  This up and coming age of smart materials shows versatile capacities and changes its physical properties, for example, shape, firmness and thickness in a predetermined way. Energy  Materials have various functionalities, for example, self-versatility, self-detecting, self-mending and memory, which enable them to be utilized in an assortment of uses.

According to the discoveries, Phase Change Materials (PCMs) comprise the quickest developing material sort with a vigorous 20% CAGR in the worldwide market for Smart Materials. The expanding use of basic items in applications, for example, building assets, gadgets cooling, vitality stockpiling, delivering and bundling would additionally move interest for these materials. Piezoelectric Materials corner the biggest offer of the worldwide Smart Materials showcase, representing a conjecture 66% offer in 2018.

Past Conference Report (Materials Congress 2018)

The EuroSciCon Event on Materials Science & Engineering (Materials Congress 2018) hosted by EuroSciCon took place at Hyatt Place, Amsterdam, Netherlands during August 23-25, 2018. It was organized by EuroSciCon and generous response was received from the Editorial Board Members of EuroSciCon Journals as well as from eminent scientists, talented researchers, and young student community. Researchers and students who attended from different parts of the world made the conference one of the most successful and productive events in 2018 from EuroSciCon. The three-day program witnessed thought-provoking keynote and plenary presentations from experts in the field of Materials Science & Engineering, highlighting the theme, "Building a sustainable future with Material Science & Engineering".

The meeting was carried out through various sessions, in which the discussions were held on the following major scientific tracks:

  • Nanostructured Materials
  • Materials Chemistry
  • Carbon Materials In Energy
  • Materials Physics
  • Emerging Technologies In Material Science
  • Aerospace materials
  • Polymer Energy Materials 

The highlights of the meeting were from the eminent keynote lectures from:

Materials Congress 2018 played an important role in promoting multidisciplinary interactions between science and medicine to enhance research in Nursing and Midwifery. The program covered current and emerging research innovations in the field of Nursing.

We would specially thank our Moderators for their contribution to the conference.

We are obliged to the various delegates from companies and institutes who actively took part in the discussions. We sincerely thank the Organizing Committee Members and Editorial board of Materials congress 2018 for their gracious presence and continuous support throughout the proceedings of this event. With the valuable feedback and generous response received from the participants of the event, EuroSciCon would like to announce the commencement of "20th European Annual Conference on Advance and Energy Materials" during October 07-09, 2019 in Osaka, Japan.

Let us meet again @Advanced Materials 2019

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